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Personal Trainer

Jenessa is a full-time working mom that does shift work. She's been on two separate weight loss journeys. First pregnancy she gained 70lbs. Then over time, she was determined to lose the weight and compete in her very first bikini competition! She ended up competing in two that year. She then gained 80lbs with her second pregnancy! Jenessa decided it was time to make a lifestyle change and during that journey, she realized the love she had for inspiring others to change their lifestyle. Jenessa is ready and committed to helping you reach the goals you set out for yourself. She has been in your shoes and is ready to help you commit and apply yourself to naturally changing your lifestyle day by day!

My program: My program consists of HIGH INTENSITY workouts as well as nutrition plans to aid in fat loss and muscle building. As we work together, I will make revisions accordingly throughout the plan! 

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