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You Are Applying To Be Coached In-Person By Jay Horn to Help you Achieve Your Weight Loss and Bikini Goals...PERMANENTLY.

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Are you ready to BECOME the person you need to become, to DO the things you need to do, to HAVE the body you want?
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Jay's background comes from an exercise philosophy where science and rationale take precedence over what is trending in the industry. His concise application and attention to detail proves again and again that his methods work well in a time-efficient manner, contrary to conventional exercise practices. Jay has authored three books: Applied Exercise Science, Stage Ready and Muscular Hypertrophy Jay also used to teach an advanced personal training class at a local college (CSN) in Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently writing/creating a personal training certification to help and teach other personal trainers in the industry.

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Jay has put many drug free competitors in shows, has won pro cards and has secured multiple team/trainer awards. However, Jay doesn't do competition training anymore, but rather, 


focuses now on getting transformational results for anyone who is willing to put in the HARD and COMMITTED work.


Jay specializes in working with women who have lots of body fat to lose and getting them in their bikini body, not for stage, but for the pool and beach. Although he is an expert on female fat loss, he also works with men who are highly motivated and want to change how they look. 

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