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Edge Gainz Personal Trainer


I’ve always been active and working out allows me to continue this lifestyle that I’m so used to. I can’t help but share my enthusiasm for physical training with others as well as encourage sound nutritional habits.

It’s difficult to make time for exercise. Sometimes it’s even hard to make the decision to work out when you do have some time! I’m here to motivate anyone who has a desire to make positive changes! I make sure my clients are reaching their goals in a safe, efficient and sustainable manner. My exercise and nutritional guidance is based on proven methods that are well worth the effort as you will see results!


I’m here to help you continue achieving goals that you set for yourself. We work together to create those desired changes and I’ll make revisions as we move through the process. I’m looking forward to working with you!


Qualifications: AFAA Certified Group Instructor, OCB Figure Competitor

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